Regular Giving

Regularly giving is easy to set-up through Trinity Community Church’s online giving system. Make sure to select Gospel Abroad.

Regular Giving

How to set up a giving account

A “Giving Account” is a way to set up recurring online payments through the Trinity Community Church donation page that will support my ministry in Geneva. 100% of giving will go to my ministry support at the Bible School of Geneva. How to Set up Giving Account.

One Time Gifts

One-time gifts can be given online through Trinity Community Church. Choose “Gospel-Abroad (France, Switzerland)” on the menu “To:” (by default, set to “General Fund” for the church).  For more information about the support, please contact David. 
One-Time Gift (Online)
One-time gifts can be given by a check as well.
One-Time Gift (Check)

Give Anonymously

To give anonymously, choose “Gospel Abroad (Anonymous)” on the giving page. Trinity Community Church will send you a giving statement, but will not disclose the donor information to David or the Bible School of Geneva. Giving can be done anonymously for monthly support or one-time gifts.

Give by Check

You can give via a check at well. Checks can be made out to: “Trinity Community Church” and write in the memo Gospel Abroad (please do not write David Niblack on check) and mail to: Gospel Abroad Trinity Community Church 1190 West Winchester Road Libertyville, IL 60048 TaxDeductable

All Donations are Tax-Deductible through Trinity Community Church.


Join with me

The Bible School of Geneva is funded largely through gifts and donations. Currently, giving goes through Trinity Community Church who forwards (100%) of funds on to the Bible School of Geneva. All giving is tax-deductible.

An oversight team at Trinity Community Church provides an additional level of accountability for how funds are being used. Giving-Process Trinity Community Church will not take a “cut” and will pass on 100% of donations to the Bible School of Geneva, which will then will be used for my salary.


Who is your sending organization? For now, “Trinity Community Church” is acting as my sending organization. To ease communication, everything related to my ministry in Europe goes under the label “Gospel Abroad.”  But the financial transactions go through Trinity Community Church.

  • Gospel Abroad is 100% related to me and the Trinity Community Church support of my salary with the Bible School in Geneva. There are no other missionaries or works involved.
  • The giving is tax-deductible through Trinity Community Church and the church does not take any percentage of gifts coming in for me.
  • If you chose “Gospel Abroad Anonymous” your information will go to the bookkeeper at the church but she will withhold your identity from me. I prefer to know who is giving so I can thank them! But I also know I sometimes prefer giving to others anonymously, so I wanted have that option.

I want to join as a monthly partner, but what if I am unable in the future? “Gracious join, gracious step back”: Commitments are always a little scary, and supporting people in ministry is one of those commitments that can be awkward to back out of.  I understand that financial situations change and please do not feel bad if you have to step back as a monthly donor. Your giving is an expression of the larger friendship, something more important than financial support. Moreover, you are giving directly to the Lord and indirectly to me. The Lord is directly supporting me, indirectly through your gifts. What matters most is that we are responding to him faithfully.