Into the Bath

Se mettre dan le bain” (“to get in the bath”) means to dive into a new environment. I’ve been here now a week and I suppose I’m pretty wet, and so far, so good.

The next few months for me will be an “observation period” during which I will be learning the specifics of my role here at the school as well as ensuring that I will be a good fit with the staff and the vision of the School. This time also gives me a chance to work on French and have time to listen and learn before carrying significant responsibilities.

As I re-learn the rhythms of the student life here, I have new appreciation for this place.  Work, community, and study combine in a remarkable ways.

Many jobs keep the students busy. They go about the tasks cheerfully- mowing the grass, preparing and cleaning up after each meal, vacuuming, leading prayer times, doing homework. Community is nearly 24-7: breakfast, lunch and dinner together (usually), morning devotionals together, voluntary prayer time at the 10:15 break and choir practice in the afternoon.  Classes function on the schedule of one or two week intensives, two running at any given time. “Systematic Theology” by Wayne Grudem and “The City of God” by Augustine were the most recent assigned reading– furnishing interesting discussion items around the lunch table.

So far, more days have been cloudy, with a fair amount of drizzle, than sunny. But the sunny ones have been glorious. And summer is coming.


The city of Geneva from Cologny, where the school is located.




Blossoms from the cherry trees on the property (and below).