Newsletter Update

Newsletter Update

Dear friends,

I’m writing to share concrete ministry plans for my future and ask for your prayer and monthly financial support.


French-speaking Europe combines great spiritual needs and great opportunities. One clear need is for more vibrant, gospel-preaching churches which radiate the love of Jesus. God has opened a door for me to come alongside and help in this effort. The Bible School of Geneva, located in Geneva, Switzerland, trains French-speaking Europeans in Biblical knowledge and practical discipleship. The school sends out motivated young people into churches all over France doing front-line church ministry. They have invited me to serve in a role that will be a combination of “resident director,” teacher, academic counselor, and pastor for the first-year students starting next year.

The Need:

The school runs primarily from gifts and donations so the cost of tuition doesn’t exclude students. They will covering 20% of my salary (plus the same amount to government taxes) and asked me to raise the rest. If funds come in quick, I’ll be able to make the goal of starting in Europe in April of 2015.

This is a low-pressure, high-prayer ask for you pray about joining me financially to see the gospel flourish in western Europe.


Finances will get me there, but prayer makes things happen. This whole process has testified to me that God works through prayer. Would you consider joining my prayer team and boldly pray on my behalf?

What To Do:

Give: Click here. I’m asking for “pledges” before February 15 and monthly giving after. One-time gifts are also welcomed.

Pray: I have a smaller prayer update list. Join here.

To go deeper:
• To learn more about the vision, with photos and background, see the Vision page.

• I’ve wrestled with asking for money. If interested in the topic, see my post: Thoughts on Raising Support.

• If you are in the Chicago area, you are invited to an Open House called “Crêpes and Café” on Sunday afternoon, December 14 from 4-7 pm. More information here.

• Best of all is to connect face-to-face with potential team members (support or prayer). If interested in connecting with me, please let me know! ( or 769-1183).

• This is the second email I’ve sent out. I’ve added some contacts since then. If that’s you, you can read the first email here.
May your Thanksgiving tomorrow be true to our calling:
“Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”