Church-Based Sending “Partnerships”

Sometimes, being involved in overseas missions as a local church essentially involves sending money.  Money is very important in supporting missions work, and several organizations do a good job of supporting local workers.  The main involvements of the sending church in sending financial support.

Another model that can work alongside of the “just send money” method is to sending someone out who

a) has a long-term commitment to an area (and can work on learning the language, culture, and credibility among local leadership) and

b) who is known to the sending church.  This can foster a healthy relationship and accountability.

We hope to see something like this happen as David transitions to France.  We know him well because he has served in our church as a pastor for almost six years.  We also see he could fit into the ministry context in Europe and would like to see the ministry there in some way as an unofficial, but significant extension of the ministry of Trinity Community Church.