After anointing Saul, Samuel says: “do what your hand finds to do, for God is with you (1 Samuel 10:7).”  We act, because God acts with us. How much more true is that for us today, who are “in Jesus Christ,” than for Saul?

A few ways I see God acting:

  • Crêpes and Coffee Open House, this Sunday from 4-7 pm at the church (info). You are all invited. Also, if you want to help out, I’m looking for some crepe and coffee servers. Several people from the running club said they are coming (the leader shared the invite with the whole group) and I’m hoping God does something though that.
  • Support is at 39%! This is remarkable. God is providing. A big chunk of that is from the church. The elders shared what they approved (without any input or ideas from me). Giving information here.
  • No news yet on the visa. I’ll keep you all posted.
  • Transition: I think the TCC elders and the Discernment Team are doing a great job evaluating candidates for the Lead Pastor role. We don’t have anyone to announce yet. But the process is in good hands and that’s a relief to me.
  • Schedule: The current plan is for a goodbye service on my last Sunday TCC, February 1st. I’ll then go to CA and hope to be in Europe between March 1 – May 1.


Thank you for praying. Immanuel- God is with us!