Prayer Postings, December – January

Prayer to Students

There are currently 25 students in the “first year” cycle at the school. This fall they have been working hard on some of the ministry group programming and their ministry trips will start in the new year. Pray that their ministry would be fruitful and powerful and that amid the details for my transition, I would grow in my heart to serve and strengthen them.

Prayer for Visa

I need a Swiss Work Visa to get to serve at the school in Geneva. They can be very hard to get. I sent all my paperwork to the school in early November and am waiting to hear back.

Prayer for Funding

I’m new to “raising support” and am glad for an opportunity to grow in a new way. I really believe in what I am doing, and my support level is significantly lower than other missionaries (10k per month is around the average). But more than anything, I’m praying and trusting God to provide. And he has been.



Trinity Community Church Transition

Change can be hard for a church. My prayer is that God would provide the right replacement pastor for the position I fill and stir up exciting new things as the church goes forward.