God is on a mission of loving redemption for the whole world.

 Jesus is the true King who is the answer to all God’s promises “in order that the nations might glorify God for his mercy” (Romans 15:9).
God cares about the whole world and is bringing people from every place into a relationship with him.

This is what gives us courage to engage in places where there are few Christians. Statistics alone often don’t touch our imagination. But the reality is there are millions of French-speaking Europeans that have never heard the good news of Jesus.

France is a mission field

While France is considered 83%-88% Roman Catholic, very few would say they have a personal relationship with God.  Evangelical Christians are just under 1% of the population as of 2012. Of the 37,000 communes, around 35,000 have no evangelical church. There are three hundred cities of more than 10,000 people without any Bible-teaching church.

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France is strategic

France is the largest country in Western Europe and the largest in the European Union. French is the official language in 29 countries, and it is estimated there are 40 million Protestants that speak French (ref). Many of these other countries are influenced by churches and movements in France. A strong church in France has a ripple effect far beyond France.

France is at an opportune time

These are exciting days in France.  Many young people are open to spiritual conversations, many churches are growing, and churches are planting new churches. In the past few decades, churches have been cooperating more than in the past. The National Council of Evangelical Churches has launched a project to see one church for every 10,000 people– a tripling of churches based on current statistics.

Training motivated pastoral students is wise

Wise missions investment will seek to train up people who are already motivated and able to reach their own culture with the gospel. As someone coming from the states, I was seeking for ways to come alongside of French believers and pastors to work together to strengthen and build strong churches. The opportunity to serve at the Bible School of Geneva came as an answer to prayer. The school is the older French-language Bible school in Europe and is among the most influential and dynamic in Europe.





The Bible School of Geneva asked me to join their staff

The Bible School of Geneva combines robust Bible teaching, community life together, and practical how-to learning. I currently serve as a teacher, pastor, and resident director for the first year students.

The role has an academic element, as I teach classes (Introduction to New Testament and Christian Living), preaching opportunities, and helping lead evangelistic weekend trips throughout France. I am also responsible for giving pastoral oversight to the first-year students. I regularly meet with the students, work towards seeing a vibrant community life, and help the students as they evaluate future ministry direction.

This takes a team

Prayer: We need God far more than any ministry needs us. Many challenges come with this big change, and I need the focused, dedicated prayers of others.

Support: The Bible School of Geneva is funded largely through gifts and donations.  Half of my funding comes from ongoing, monthly support.