This website is an invitation to learn, join, and partner alongside David Niblack with a desire to see Jesus known overseas.

At the beginning of 2014, David Niblack, a pastor at Trinity Community Church, expressed a growing desire to serve overseas in a French-speaking context where there is a compelling need for gospel-centered ministry. He shared his desire with the elders and together we  began to pray and try to discern how God was leading. After several months of praying, the elders concluded that they were supportive of David’s decision given his background, his desires and his sense of God’s call.  David first came to Trinity in 2007 and you read more about his story here.

Change is hard.  It was difficult news to hear of David leaving.  But as we prayed together and talked with him, we began to ask if we could see his departure in a different way. Can we think of this as a partnership, of sending David out to accomplish the work God has for him, of keeping close ties with him, and working together? Christianity has always been a dynamic movement. Trinity Community Church as a body desires to be “mission-focused”. Sending members of our body out to preach the gospel to those who have a great need to hear is a natural result of such a focus. And though we are saddened, we also rejoice that the Lord has heard our prayers and is providing us with the opportunity to share in his mission to the world.

 – TCC Elders